Paint Professional

At Standard Paint & Flooring, we employ paint professionals! On average, our pros have over 18 years each of experience recommending the right painting product and process for your project.

Whether you are working on an interior repaint project and need help with finding the perfect color, or you're facing challenging trouble spots, we are the pros for you!
We have extensive problem solving experience and will also give you honest expectations as to how long certain coatings should last before they need maintenance.

We have many industrial accounts and work with industrial coatings frequently. We have multiple outside reps with years of experience that can help you solve industrial coating problems, or help plan new projects so you start off with minimal future maintenance.

If you are working inside or outside, staining or painting, there are many helpful tips we would love to share so you can complete your project right the first time.

Our paint pros are experts at tinting your paint. If you can’t find the right color out there we can help you create it. At Standard Paint & Flooring, we are experts at paint, because it’s what we do!