Exterior Design Ideas

Benjamin Moore goes beyond the indoors. Our painting and decorating techniques can help you breathe new life into outdoor spaces. The deck or patio shouldn’t just be viewed from your window. Let our outdoor design ideas inspire you to transform your deck, porch, or yard into a fun gathering place that reflects your lifestyle.

Deck Design Ideas

Learn how to define the space on your deck. Using our exterior design tips and techniques, you can create different areas to accommodate the different aspects of your lifestyle, and use lighting to keep the fun going day or night.

Checkerboard Porch Floor

Add a timeless look to your porch with a checkerboard floor pattern. Use this classic design technique that requires only minimal preparation.

Deck-Decorating Themes

Make your deck speak to who you really are. Here are some outdoor design ideas, themes and decorative elements to get you started.

Faux Flagstones for Your Patio

Some patio design ideas take weeks to complete, but you can create an exterior faux-flagstone patio
and transform your dull concrete slab into a beautiful garden room
in just one weekend.

You can create an inviting path of stepping stones stamped with autumn leaves to add a unique touch to your yard or garden.

Concrete Stain Can Transform a Patio

Create an exterior design thatu00bfs rich in color and sophistication. Use concrete stain to transform your patio.