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We know how difficult selecting the perfect floor coverings, window coverings, paint colors or cabinets can be. Especially when you are working on a project that involves all of these options. Well, no matter what size of project you take on, our design professionals can help you choose the perfect product for your personal space.

Our designers have had years of experience guiding and helping customers to select the right product, for both aesthetic appearance and functionality.

Best of all…there is no additional cost to work with our designers on any of your floorcovering, window covering and countertop or cabinet projects when you purchase from us. Free professional design service! That is not something you will receive from any of the big box stores.

Floor Coverings

There are so many choices! Selecting the right floor covering can be overwhelming.

If you want carpet, do you want a nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool fiber? Do you want a plush, texture, loop or Berber carpet? Which manufacturer stands behind their warranties, and how do you make sure you follow their recommendations so you are eligible to receive a warranty? And we haven’t even mentioned color yet.

Do you want vinyl, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate, or hardwood? And if you want hardwood do you want a distressed or smooth finish, pre-finished or sand in place, solid or engineered, American made or imported wood?

We can help guide you through the pros and cons of each product so you can make an educated decision on what the best product is for your home or work, as well as help you find that perfect color choice.

Window Coverings

Options, Options, Options…At Standard Paint & Flooring our design staff is well educated on all of the many window covering options available to you. There are thousands of fabrics and colors to choose from, as well as many different styles.

For example, would you like a wood blind or a faux wood blind, and what is the difference between the two? You can choose a Duette, a Silhouette, a Pirouette, a Vignette, a Luminette and so many more shade options.

There are many different lifting systems available. You could select the standard cord, the corded loop, the ultra glide, the cordless, or remote controlled window covering.

Our design staff has extensive experience in helping you decide whether you want your windows to blend into your wall or act as a fun accent. As well as help you choose the most functional window covering for your needs.


At Standard Paint & Flooring our cabinet designers live and breathe kitchens. They have laid out option after option and know how to design a basic competitive kitchen, or an elaborate “all the bells and whistles” kitchen to meet your individual budget and desires.

There are many different cabinet options to consider, such as the many different types of wood available and the numerous stain choices. Do you like basic or ornate doors, crown moldings, drawers and specialty decorations?

In the world of cabinets, there are a ton of options to consider. Our kitchen designers will walk you through the process, then help you select the most functional and aesthetic kitchen possible.

Your Project is Important

Your project is important to us because it has Standard Paint & Flooring attached to it. We have worked hard on having the best reputation since 1954. Our designers will give you the individual care and attention that we would want also. We hope you feel that, when you shop with us at Standard Paint & Flooring – Service is still in Style!