How to Stain Your Deck

The following videos will show you everything you need to know about staining your deck, from selecting the right deck stain colours and preparing the wood for staining, to keeping it looking great year after year.

Prepping & Staining Your Deck with ARBORCOAT

Get professional tips on how to properly prepare and stain your deck using ARBORCOAT's premium Semi Transparent Stain and Protective Clear Coat.

Staining Your Deck with ARBORCOAT Semi Solid Stain

Staining a wood deck is vital to both increasing its beauty and resistance to the elements.

Deck Maintenance with ARBORCOAT Semi Transparent Stain

Simple deck stain maintenance with ARBORCOAT minimizes the time and effort spent to keep your deck looking great for years to come.

Maintaining Your Deck

Following these simple deck-maintenance tips will ensure the long life of this important outdoor gathering space.

Preparing Your Deck for Staining

Properly preparing a deck for staining is essential for stain absorption and a long-lasting finish.

Readying Your Deck for Summer Fun

Bringing out - and protecting - the beauty of your exterior wood surfaces doesn't have to feel like an overwhelming task. Just follow these steps to a spectacular deck.