Color Specialist

At Standard Paint & Flooring, we live in a world of color. Surrounded daily by thousands of color chips, it is our arena, and it's where we shine!

We calculated the average amount of experience our color specialists have and it came to 18 years each. What does that mean for you? Our specialists can discern slight differences in color, and how that will affect your wall; match with other colors; or change the hue of a gallon of paint.

We offer in-store color consultations at no charge, and always have someone on hand with lots of color experience.
Color can significantly affect your mood. It can help create a calm atmosphere or bring back nostalgic memories. Color can exhibit elegance and power, or be fun and whimsical. Our color specialists will help you understand how a color can affect a space.

Colors can be very challenging. I personally have walked into a room where the green walls felt like a nuclear neon, and I thought for a moment I was growing a third arm and getting a headache all at the same time. Sometimes, that color in your head may need a little gray to tone down how vibrant the color actually is.

At Standard Paint & Flooring, we live in a world of color, and we would love to help you find yours.